Homemade Dark Chocolates & Peanut Butter Cups

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, Bulls! I love the idea of celebrating your loved ones, but the constant flood of lavish food, chocolate, and candy in every store is overwhelming. Especially when you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Well, I have the secret to evading those heart-shaped boxes of processed nonsense... Make your own chocolates! Surprise your... Continue Reading →

Try These Quinoa Lettuce Wraps!

Summer classes and exams are officially over and I'm celebrating with a new recipe. These wraps are refreshing, healthy and filling, so enjoy them for lunch or dinner. Share with friends or pack up the ingredients for a picnic! Show your Bull pride with these leafy green wraps topped with golden mango salsa!  Want to... Continue Reading →

Try These Blueberry & Peach Waffles!

Happy Friday, Bulls! Summer classes are over, and there are a couple more weeks before fall semester begins. Take this weekend to relax, sleep in, and treat yourself. This waffle recipe is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning (or afternoon) because they are super easy to make, filling, and nutritious.  Make this recipe your own... Continue Reading →

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