Craft the Perfect Picnic!

Embrace the sunshine before the storms roll in by having a picnic. Studies show that spending time with nature can reduce stress, improve mood and concentration, and promote a higher quality of life. Besides, what’s not to love about soaking up the sun, enjoying fresh air and eating a feast of delicious food? My favorite... Continue Reading →

Prevent Getting Sick: 3 Easy Steps to Avoiding Illness!

Thanks to the Polar Vortex, Florida has been experiencing winter for the first time in many years. Luckily, most of us missed the snow (if you hadn’t heard, it snowed.) However, the colder temperatures and weather mood-swings probably took a toll on your immune system, and as busy college students, we don’t have time for... Continue Reading →

Top Five Simple Relaxation Tips!

HOORAH! Say TTFN to exams, papers, and presentations, and kiss campus goodbye for a little while. It’s time to relax! Remove any negative thoughts left over from the semester, and release any pent up tension or stress from finals. Check out these easy and immediate relaxation tips for post-finals recovery! Five Finals Recovery Tips: 1.... Continue Reading →

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