Ten Steps to Feeling Better Now

Happy Wednesday, Bulls! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. How can you enhance your mental health? Cultivate happiness. Learn your signs of stress. Develop relaxation techniques. Practice mindfulness.  Clear your mind of unhelpful thinking habits.  Get active.  Spend time with supportive friends or family.  Get outside. Play with a furry friend.   Try some... Continue Reading →

10 Meditation Tips & Benefits You Need

What can you do right now to better your body and mind?  Meditate!  Here are some benefits of Meditating Regularly: Heightened feelings of independence Improved resilience Less anxiety Increased awareness Increase in energy and optimism Decreased irrational and hasty thinking Improved creativity Enhanced focus and efficiency Improved stress and distraction management Decreased impulsivity and carelessness... Continue Reading →

Top Five Ways Pets Reduce Stress!

Animals have a deep, profound effect on human stress. Spending time with animals has been proven to benefit the mind as well as the physical body (not to mention they are great company). In fact, many hospitals, nursing homes, and schools often schedule “therapy visits” with animals to aid their patients or students. Here are some... Continue Reading →

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