Ten Steps to Feeling Better Now

Happy Wednesday, Bulls! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. How can you enhance your mental health? Cultivate happiness. Learn your signs of stress. Develop relaxation techniques. Practice mindfulness.  Clear your mind of unhelpful thinking habits.  Get active.  Spend time with supportive friends or family.  Get outside. Play with a furry friend.   Try some... Continue Reading →

10 Meditation Tips & Benefits You Need

What can you do right now to better your body and mind? Let me tell you the solution I use for all my problems, distractions and weaknesses. This school year I strengthened my mentality through the habit of meditation. For years, meditation was an unattainable goal of mine. I am not exactly a calm person.... Continue Reading →

Top Five Ways Pets Reduce Stress!

I have a strong bond with animals, and it was very hard for me to leave my dogs when I moved to Florida for school. At least once a day I think of my dogs.Before finals week my freshman year, I was so stressed out I bought a pet lizard, and I often sit with the... Continue Reading →

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