Green & Gold Tie-Dye Smoothie

Show off your school spirit with this unique, delicious, and healthy tie-dye smoothie! Perfect for the next USF football game. Goooo Bulls!  Green & Gold Tie-Dye Smoothie Recipe! Ingredients: Green Smoothie                                                  … Continue reading Green & Gold Tie-Dye Smoothie

Craft the Perfect Picnic!

Embrace the magnificent Florida sunshine by having a picnic! Studies show that spending time with nature can reduce stress, improve mood and concentration, and promote a higher quality of life. Besides, what’s not to love about soaking up the sun, enjoying fresh air, and eating delicious food? (*You can even bring your furry four-legged friends … Continue reading Craft the Perfect Picnic!

Spring into This Summer Workout!

Happy August, Bulls! Say hello to another month of heat, humidity, and afternoon thunderstorms. It’s hard to exercise when you’re too busy craving air conditioning or avoiding the rain. Not to mention, working out in the heat can be dangerous. If going outside seems like torture or you're looking for a fun summer workout, check out an indoor … Continue reading Spring into This Summer Workout!