Get Running: 10 Summertime Road Races

In the college world, summer is all about lighter course loads, sleeping in and relaxation. In the running world, summer is the season for early morning and night time runs. It is the perfect season to set a beginner pace or push yourself if you are already a runner. Test out your running abilities this... Continue Reading →

Pick Your Produce!

Summer is all about relaxation and enjoying your free time. Even if you are taking classes, the summer always seems less busy and rushed. I love using my newfound freedom to try new things, and a couple weeks ago I went blueberry picking at Church Lake Farms in Odessa. The farm was about 25 minutes away... Continue Reading →

Have a Memorable 21st Birthday!

Crossing the collegiate line of being legally able to drink is a major turning point for any college student. USF students actually do not drink as much as you may think, with 82% of Bulls saying they drink once a week or less. However, many 21st birthdays can still get out of hand because traditions like... Continue Reading →

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